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10 top tips from BHE to save money on your energy bills 💸

20 Feb 2024

As energy bills continue to increase, it’s important for to know how to keep your energy usage under control whilst making sure your home stays warm, gas safe and comfortable. From regular boiler servicing to thermostat upgrades and more, BHE has put together a list of top energy saving tips that will help you to see a difference in your household’s monthly bills!

10 top tips from BHE to save money on your energy bills💸

10 top tips from BHE to save money on your energy bills💸

Save £££s on your energy bills this spring!

Just a few changes to your daily routine can make all the difference to your household’s monthly budget. With energy bills constantly on the rise, find out how you could save hundreds this year with our top 10 energy-saving tips!


  1. Service your boiler regularly

Not only is an annual boiler service essential to stay gas safe and to validate your warranty, but routine checks for leaks and faults, thorough cleaning and testing will help to reduce fuel wastage, costing you less to heat your home.

Don’t forget to book your boiler service!

  1. Install a smart thermostat

Smart controls like Hive help you to control your heating and hot water from your phone wherever you are via a simple app. Turn heating on when you need it or turn it off when you're out, keeping a lid on your energy usage.

💸 You could save £300 a year.

  1. Turn down your thermostat

Make sure you're not using more fuel than you need to by setting your room thermostat and knowing how it works. Set your thermostat to the lowest temperature you're comfortable with. The Energy Saving Trust recommends 18-21℃.

💸 You could save £145 a year by lowering the temperature by just 1 degree.

  1. Avoid the tumble dryer

Dry laundry using a hanger or washing line to avoid energy-hungry tumble dryers. If you do need to use one, make sure it’s full and keep your dryer in a warm room so it doesn’t take as long to heat up.

💸 You could save £60 a year.

  1. Reduce your wash cycle temperature

Washing clothes on a 30℃ cycle helps to reduce your energy usage. Modern washing machines and detergents are really effective at lower temperatures, so you’re unlikely to notice a difference - other than lower energy bills, of course!  

💸 You could save £29 a year.

  1. Switch off instead of standby

Avoid leaving electronics on standby. Switch off at the wall plug where you can, or perhaps invest in a standby saver or smart plug so you can turn gadgets and appliances off standby with one click. Remember to turn lights off too!

💸 You could save £55 a year.

  1. Invest in draught-proofing

Professional or DIY draught-proofing of windows, doors and chimneys, sealing up cracks and gaps in flooring and brickwork that allow warm air to escape, and closing blinds and curtains reduces heat loss and energy wastage, especially in older properties.

💸 You could save £95 a year.

  1. Insulate your hot water tank

Keep your hot water cylinder cosy with an insulated jacket, reducing heat loss and helping the water inside to stay warmer for longer. It’s worth investing in an 80mm-thick British Standard Jacket, and you may also want to insulate pipes and radiators too. 

💸 You could save £50 a year.

  1. Reduce boiler flow temperature

Lowering the flow temperature – the temperature water is heated to before it travels around your central heating system – on a combi boiler to 60℃ won’t reduce the temperature of your home but will help your boiler to operate more efficiently.

💸 You could save £65 a year.

  1. Install thermostatic radiator valves

Control individual radiators, turning heating down in rooms which aren't used as often. Sensors measure the room’s air temperature, increasing or decreasing the hot water flowing into the radiator to warm up or cool down a room.

💸 You could save up to 30% on your energy bills.


Why choose BHE to help save on your energy bills?

BHE’s North West team of gas engineers has over 50 years' experience in delivering reliable boiler, heating and plumbing services with outstanding customer service. Fully trained and accredited, our engineers professionally service and care for boilers and central heating systems of all ages, makes and models across the North West, from Lancaster and Morecambe to Wigan and Leigh.

Since 1971, BHE has helped homeowners and landlords save on energy bills with unmatched knowledge and trusted boiler servicing, new boiler installation, boiler repairs, homecare boiler cover and related gas, plumbing and heating work that keep homes gas safe, cosy and warm.

Book your boiler service, boiler installation or other plumbing or heating job with BHE!



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