BHE lends its support to Men’s Health Week 2020

With men making up a large percentage of our workforce, BHE is keen to promote its commitment to improving men’s health within our organisation. We’re proud to lend our support to Men’s Health Forum’s Men’s Health Week 2020, taking place from 15th – 21st June 2020.

BHE lends its support to Men’s Health Week 2020
BHE lends its support to Men’s Health Week 2020

Men’s Health Week 2020

1 man in 5 dies before the age of 65. Men’s Health Week is part of a range of activities that aims to change that, raising awareness of men’s health issues and helping men with health-related advice and support.

The focus for Men’s Health Week 2020 – perhaps unsurprisingly – is men’s health issues related to COVID-19. Advice issued by Men’s Health Forum during the week will help men to take action to avoid spreading the virus, to get the best out of lockdown and the ‘new normal’, and to beat the underlying health conditions which make men susceptible to the virus.

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels where we’ll be sharing information and promoting the awareness week further.

In 2019, the week looked at ‘men’s health by numbers’, focusing on ‘need to know’ statistics for men and organisations in the UK.

We know that:

  • A waist size of 37 inches or move puts you at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer
  • Men should aim for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week
  • 3 out of 4 suicides are by men
  • Men should drink a maximum 14 units of alcohol a week

It’s crucial to BHE that our workforce is healthy and well-cared for. We aim to provide a supportive working environment to ensure that our family team promotes wellbeing in all areas of health. 

About Men’s Health Forum

Men’s Health Forum charity supports men’s health in England, Wales and Scotland, aiming to ensure that all men and boys, particularly those in disadvantaged areas, have the information, services and treatments they need to live healthier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

The charity’s work includes research, sharing of good practice, provision of health advice, advocacy of men’s health issues and raising awareness through Men’s Health Week and PR events. 

We like the Men’s Health Forum ‘Man Manuals’: easy-reading guides to improving overall health and dealing with conditions such as cancer and diabetes. Find out more and buy yours here.

Interested in supporting Men’s Health Week 2020?

Find out how you and your business can support Men’s Health Week and the Men’s Health Forum here.