BHE’s top tips to get your South Lakes caravan or mobile home gas safe for 2018!

BHE’s top tips to get your South Lakes caravan or mobile home gas safe for 2018! image

It’s almost summer! That means it’s nearly time to pack up your troubles and take a break in your South Lakes caravan or mobile home. To make sure none of your precious downtime is spent fixing, repairing or replacing, our BHE engineers are on hand to provide a ‘gas safe’ start to the season.

Established in 1971, BHE has years of experience in providing gas and plumbing care for holiday homes throughout the North West, the South Lakes, Lancashire and Fylde areas.

Working through all the necessary checks on your caravan or mobile home’s gas appliances and plumbing, our dedicated team will help you fully prepare for the months ahead.

BHE’s top tips for a safe season in the South Lakes:

  • Water and gas – Gas and plumbing checks are essential, and should be top of your list when preparing your caravan or mobile home. But leave this one to the professionals! Arrange an appointment with a BHE Gas Safe registered engineer who will also check pipes, taps and heating appliances for damage or faults.
  • Electrics – Check all electrical appliances for faults and any necessary repairs.
  • Damp – The sooner you spot it, the sooner it can be dealt with. It might just be a case of a few hours of fresh air to get rid of any mustiness, but there could be an underlying problem which needs addressing.
  • Security – Are your windows and doors suitably secure? Do any alarms you have installed on your caravan or mobile home in good working order?
  • Safety – Do you have a fire extinguisher and if so, is it still usable and within its expiry date? Ideally you need a multi-purpose dry powder extinguisher suitable for most small fires such as those involving wood, fabric and butane or propane gas. It might be wise to invest in a fire blanket too in case of cooking fires involving fats or oils.
  • Paperwork – Whether it’s insurance, breakdown cover or servicing, make sure all policies are up to date and in order.
  • Cleaning – It may seem like an overwhelming task, but the rewards are well worth it. There’s nothing quite like starting your holiday in your clean, fresh home from home, knowing that everything is in tip top shape and ready for the fun season ahead!

There’s no point taking risks when our experienced BHE team can give you full peace of mind with our caravan and mobile home gas and plumbing services.

With engineers based throughout the North West, we can get to you quickly too!

Find out more about our caravan and mobile home services in South Lakes, Lancashire and Fylde here.

Want to arrange an appointment with BHE for holiday home gas and plumbing services in South Lakes, Lancashire or Fylde?

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