No More Condensation!

BHE contracts administrator Rachael Robinson has always taken the issue of reducing her energy consumption seriously.

For, Rachael, 32, has had her loft and cavity walls at her house in Harwood insulated. She’s also had double glazing installed, and as one would expect, working for BHE, she’s got a pretty highly efficient central heating boiler too!

Unfortunately, the result of all these measures to improve the energy efficiency of her home led to severe condensation, some months ago, particularly when she put on the washing machine.

Rachael was so concerned about the health implications of mold and spores from the condensation on her windows and window cills for her 6-year-old son, Joshua, who has asthma, that she started to look for some solutions.

Says Rachael: “I did look at getting a dehumidifier but my son Joshua also has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and hates the sound of a dehumidifier and would probably just have kept turning it off.”

After mentioning the problem to work colleagues, Simeon Parker, our Green Deal & Renewables Manager did some research and found a new product.

One of our engineers installed the vent in the ceiling on the landing of Rachael’s house and there has been some transformation.

Rachael explains: “There is now no condensation in the house whatsoever. It’s amazing. I’m delighted with it. We can even have the shower, cooker, and washing machine on at the same time and there’s no condensation. What a transformation!”

“There’s no fan in the vent. Apparently, the vent simply filters air out of the loft, where the vent is housed, and creates positive press to ensure a constant supply of fresh, clean air comes back into the house. We can have different settings from pretty strong to very mild but there’s no noise and we don’t even notice it’s there any more. It’s made living in the house so much more pleasant for my family.”

We, at BHE, are so impressed with how well the vent has worked in Rachael’s house that we have started to supply and fit these vents in homes across the Bolton area to help people with similar problems of condensation.

For further details, please call 01204 450 450 or click here.


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