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flowsave-banner3No one likes to shave, shower or do the dishes with cold water, so you run the water until it gets warm, and as anyone with a combi boiler will know this can take a while.

But while you’re waiting, all that running water goes down the drain, wasting gas, water, and costing you money.

BHE can help you prevent that by installing a new valve. The FlowSave which has recently been invented and after thorough testing is now available through approved installers.

How Does It Work?

The new valve uses patent-pending technology to minimize water waste and save you money. Put simply the valve restricts the flow of water from your hot water tap to just 3 litres per minute until the water has heated up.

Once the optimum temperature has been reached, the valve opens completely and allows water to return to full flow to taps and showers as required.

Research has shown that a UK household can needlessly waste up to 50,000 litres of water and 1,500 kWh of gas each year. Depending on individual household usage patterns installing a flowsave could deliver estimated annual savings of up to £200 in gas and water charges.

The valve does not require maintenance or servicing; it uses no electricity and comes with a 15-year product guarantee. The revolutionary flow-stabilisation technology automatically compensates for natural variances in water pressure so you really can fit and forget it.


BHE will supply and fit you a new valve from only £93.00 plus VAT, meaning that in most cases the valve will pay for itself within 1 or 2 years and then the savings just keep mounting up.

So it’s a small valve, small price, but BIG savings and BIG benefits.

Happy Customers

Rachael Robinson, a customer of BHE Services (Bolton) Limited, is a big fan of the valve.

She had one fitted in her home in Bolton recently and said:

“It’s definitely working for us. My water bill has dropped from £38 a month to £27 a month despite an increased use of hot water due to the family taking more showers at home rather than at the gym. I’m really happy with it.”

What You Need

All you need to do is have the valve installed on the hot water supply as close as possible to your combi-boiler or instantaneous water heater.

It can be fitted with minimum disruption and does not require the heating system to be shut down. The valve is only suitable for combi boilers and certain instantaneous water heaters. Only one valve per boiler/heater is required.

The valve is available through approved installers and BHE is pleased to offer it to all our customers old and new.

How To Get More Information

For more information, please contact BHE Services (Bolton) Limited on 01204 450450.  Our friendly and helpful customer services team will be happy to hear from you.


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