Small valve means BIG savings for Bolton homes (Press Release)

Households in Bolton can save thousands of pounds in gas and water charges by fitting a small – but revolutionary – valve to their hot water supply pipe.

The valve is being fitted locally by heating specialists BHE Services (Bolton) Limited and can save up to around £200 per year* compared to a typical combi-boiler or instantaneous water heater installation.

The valve works by restricting the flow of warm water out of the boiler to 3 litres – until it has heated up. Once the target temperature of 42°C has been reached, the valve opens fully to allow the water to return to full flow.

Once the water is fully heated, flow increases to the standard 10 to 12 litres per minute. Research shows a typical UK home will needlessly waste up to 50,000 litres of water and 1,500kWh of gas each year simply through waiting for the water to heat up fully.

The valve’s manufacturers say that over 18 million UK homes could benefit through saving wasted gas and lukewarm water, which typically goes down the drain at full flow until water is fully-heated.

Paul Wilkinson, operations director for BHE Services (Bolton) Limited, said: “Nobody likes to wash, shower or shave in cold or lukewarm water. People run their tap or shower until the water gets fully warm. This small valve ends all that waste.”

He added: “Only one valve is required for a home’s hot water system and once fitted, the valve requires no maintenance or servicing. Households can simply ‘fit, forget and save’ once the valve is installed.”

“The valve uses a thermostat and innovative flow-stabilisation technology, which compensates for natural changes in water pressure.

“Furthermore, the valve is guaranteed for 15 years and manufactured to ISO9001 standard, giving the householder complete peace of mind for years of trouble free savings.”

He went on: “The cost of fitting the valve starts from £93 plus VAT and can pay for itself in the first year. When you consider that it could save up to £200.00 per year for 15 years,depending on individual household usage patterns, it is a worthwhile investment.”

“The manufacturers have carried out in depth studies showing  that the valve can save households up to 50,000 litres of water and 315 kg of carbon dioxide EACH YEAR. And that’s not all, you save 20 hours from just waiting around for hot water. It’s like getting an extra day’s holiday a year.”




Issued by: Red Flame Marketing on behalf of BHE Services (Bolton) Limited.

For further information, please contact Richard Boyd at Red Flame Marketing on 0845 052 0862 or 07792 819 059 or email or visit


*Estimated gas and water bill savings are based on average gas and water price inflation over the past 10 years.




BHE Services (Bolton) Limited is an installer of the latest renewable energy technologies including heat pumps and other products approved under the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

It is is a Green Deal Approved Installer* (Reg. No. NAP 21033 *Gas-fired condensing boilers & heating controls). The Green Deal is a government initiative to help households pay for home improvements, such as new insulation, windows, doors  and heat pumps to make homes warmer and more energy-efficient.

Through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) people in receipt of certain benefits can have free cavity wall and loft insulation fitted, and a replacement boiler. Big energy suppliers fund the programme.

For further information about BHE Services (Bolton) Limited please visit or ring 01204 450 450.


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