How To Use Your Electricity When It’s Free

A new ‘intelligent plug socket’ has been launched onto the market that helps those households that have solar panels to use their home-generated electricity when it’s free.

The new plug switches appliances on when the solar PV system has electricity to spare.

Optiplug BHE Services (Bolton) Ltd

It means that the household is using as much free electricity as is possible. 

The new plug learns and understands how much electricity is used by the appliances that are plugged into it. When there is enough surplus energy for the appliance to run, it will switch on, switching off when electricity is no longer free.

Simeon Parker, our Green Deal & Renewables Manager, said: “The new plug means that those with solar panels can maximise their investment by using more of their home-generated electricity, when it’s free, rather than having to pay for it when it’s more expensive. The plug makes solar panels an even better investment than they already are.”

The new plug uses sensors to constantly measure the power generated by the solar PV system and in use in the home. This information is transmitted to the plug. The plug can be used with any device using electricity that doesn’t need to be switched on manually (unlike most washing machines) and doesn’t mind being interrupted.

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