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Boiler finance FAQs for Bolton homeowners & landlords

27 Aug 2021

BHE has introduced great boiler finance deals which make installing a new boiler affordable for any budget, including 0% boiler finance over 2 years! Our helpful FAQs on boiler finance for local Bolton homeowners and landlords answer some commonly-asked questions about boiler finance for new boiler installations with BHE.

Boiler finance FAQs for homeowners & landlords by Bolton's BHE Services

Boiler finance FAQs for homeowners & landlords by Bolton's BHE Services

Find out more information about BHE's new boiler installation services and boiler finance plans in Bolton

Commonly-asked questions and our advice regarding boiler finance, our packages and boiler installation services in Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Chorley, Lancaster and beyond with BHE Services:

Q. Does BHE offer 0% interest boiler finance?

Yes! Our most popular boiler finance package for Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Chorley, Lancaster and South Lakes customers is 0% payable over 24 months. Based on a new boiler installation costing £1600, you'd pay £66.67 per month over 24 months.

Q. What other boiler finance plans does BHE offer?

If 0% over 24 months isn't for you, we also offer flexible longer-term repayment periods on a range of interest rates. Our most common longer-term plan for Bolton customers is 5.9%, which with a new boiler installation cost of £1600 repaid over 24 months would cost £70.74 per month. You may choose to repay at 5.9% over terms up to 10 years.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit to take out boiler finance with BHE?

In many cases, we don't need a deposit payment from our Bolton homeowner customers to set up a boiler finance plan on new boiler installations. We'll carry out an initial credit check when you make your boiler finance application, and we can then set your plan up as soon as the application is accepted.

Q. Is applying for boiler finance with BHE complicated?

No, we make applying for your boiler finance package as easy as possible. We'll help Bolton homeowners to complete your straightforward application, and to get started you just need an email address!

Q. How long will I be paying back my BHE boiler finance?

We offer boiler finance packages from 12 months up to 10 years. 0% interest boiler finance is available up to 24 months, and longer-term boiler finance is repaid at interest rates starting from 5.9%. The exact interest rate you'll pay depends on your credit rating, but in many cases we can offer 5.9%.

Q. Is boiler finance available on all new boiler installations in Bolton?

Yes! Unlike many local competitors, BHE's boiler finance is available on any make or model of boiler installed by our gas engineer team in Bolton or further afield in Wigan, Bury, Lancaster, Chorley and the South Lakes. You're not limited to a particular brand. This makes our boiler finance one of the most flexible options on the market, and with professional boiler installation from our large team working throughout Bolton and the North West, upgrading your boiler with BHE is great value.

Q. Is there a minimum spend to be able to take out a boiler finance package with BHE?

Yes, a minimum spend of £300 applies to all boiler finance packages. Installation of a new boiler will cover this, making boiler finance available on all new boiler installations by BHE in Bolton, Bury, Wigan and across the North West.

Q. How do I start my new boiler installation and boiler finance package?

BHE will carry out a FREE survey of your Bolton home, recommending installation of a new boiler that will suit the needs of your household. During your survey, well also discuss boiler finance plans with you to agree a plan that's on budget. To find out more about new boiler installation with BHE and our boiler finance packages, just contact our friendly Head Office team on 01204 450450 or contact us through the website

Q. Is boiler finance means-tested?

No, anyone looking for a new boiler installation is welcome to apply for boiler finance with BHE. You'll be credit-checked as part of the application process, and your repayment interest rate may change as a result of this. To apply for boiler finance with BHE you must be over 18, and other terms and conditions apply. Please ask for full terms when making your application. 

Q. What happens to my boiler finance plan if I move house?

You will still need to make your boiler finance plan repayments even if you move out of your property. When you start your boiler finance plan, you'll make repayments over an agreed number of months, regardless of whether you still live in the home where your new boiler was installed.

Q. Still got boiler finance plan queries?

Contact our team or call 01204 450450 and speak to our trusted Bolton gas and new boiler installation engineers.


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