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When do I need a boiler service? Advice from BHE's Bolton boiler servicing team!

11 Nov 2021

"When do I need to book a boiler service" is a common question our engineers are asked. BHE's boiler service team in Bolton provides some answers and advice to help!

When do I need a boiler service? Advice from BHE's Bolton boiler service gas engineers.

When do I need a boiler service? Advice from BHE's Bolton boiler service gas engineers.

There are some simple answers to the question 'when do I need to service my boiler?'. Check BHE Bolton's advice and recommendations, whether you need a boiler service for an older appliance or for a boiler installed more recently.

Booking a boiler service for a boiler under warranty

All boilers must be serviced regularly, usually at least once every 12 months, to make sure they're running safely and to identify any potential problems early, including checking for gas leaks which can be incredibly dangerous in your home. This includes boilers installed recently and boilers still under manufacturers' warranties.

If you've recently installed your boiler, whether with BHE in Bolton or another boiler installation engineer, make sure you schedule a boiler service 12 months after the installation date, and continue to service the appliance every year afterwards to keep your warranty validated. Your boiler service will help your new boiler to run efficiently, maintaining its performance to last much longer. 

The length of your boiler warranty depends on the appliance manufacturer, and can range from 5 to 10 years. BHE Bolton installs boilers by a number of leading manufacturers, so check the terms, including boiler servicing requirements, and length of your warranty with us when we install your new boiler. Keeping your warranty valid is really important. It'll cover you for any serious defects in your boiler, and gives you reassurance that repairs are covered in the event they're needed, keeping your home and family warm all year round.

Book a boiler service with Bolton's BHE

Booking a boiler service for older boilers no longer under warranty

If your boiler's no longer under warranty, it's still important to service your boiler regularly. BHE recommends booking a boiler service every 12 months regardless of how old your boiler is, or whether you have experienced any problems with it. Even if the boiler's running smoothly, regular routine maintenance and safety checks will keep your appliance in good condition, helping it to run efficiently and last longer.

Gas leaks can be easy to miss. Carbon monoxide is very difficult to detect, as the gas has no smell or colour. Our Bolton engineers strongly recommend installing and regularly checking a carbon monoxide alarm in your home, as well as booking a regular boiler service to make sure your boiler is gas safe, with no leaks or potentially serious or dangerous problems.

Book a boiler service with Bolton's BHE

What happens in a boiler service in Bolton with BHE?

So now you know when you book your boiler service, what's included with your boiler service from BHE's gas engineers in Bolton? Some key aspects to any BHE boiler service include:

✔ Full boiler inspection, including the boiler itself, all parts and all pipework. We'll check the overall health and appearance of your boiler at the start of your boiler service, checking for any corrosion, leaks, cracks and listening for any unusual noises. We'll also test your boiler to make sure it's functioning properly.

✔ Cleaning parts, such as the heat exchanger, combustion chamber and gas burner assembly to keep these in excellent condition and running efficiently.

✔ Flue, pressure and expansion vessel checks, ensuring that the gas pressure and flow are at optimum levels, that the flue is clear and free from obstructions and using an analyser tool to monitor your flue output. This ensures your boiler isn't burning too much gas, which leads to expensive energy wastage. Expansion vessel checks on sealed boiler systems clear your expansion vessel of any water, checking pressures and repressurising if levels are low.

Find out more about booking a boiler service with Bolton's BHE

Make sure you don't miss a boiler service with a HomeGuard boiler service plan from Bolton's BHE

It's easy to forget about your boiler service, but there's an easy way to make sure you don't miss annual boiler servicing with BHE's Bolton team!

Our HomeGuard boiler service plans are great value, giving you reassurance that your boiler service is scheduled every year and the cost covered by small monthly instalments. BHE's Bolton team offers two HomeGuard boiler service plans with a range of benefits including your annual boiler service included, and optional features such as priority callouts, repairs and replacement parts included.

Why choose HomeGuard boiler service plans with Bolton's BHE?

✔ Fast response times
✔ Don't miss a boiler service!
✔ Savings of up to £20 per month compared to national companies!
✔ Plans for landlords include Gas Safety Certificate
✔ Range of plans with options to choose from

Without a boiler service, you could find that your warranty is void or that potentially dangerous issues with your boiler aren't spotted and fixed. Booking that boiler service could save lives - set up a HomeGuard plan today!

Book a boiler service with Bolton's BHE!

Ready to book your essential boiler service? Book with BHE now! Contact us here or call 01204 450450.


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