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Caring for your South Lakes holiday home through the winter

28 Nov 2017

Your holiday home is a welcome retreat over summer, but have you prepared your property for the upcoming winter months? Cold snaps in the winter can cause extensive damage to your holiday home where pipes freeze and burst, electrics fail or gas appliances are not properly closed off.

Caring for your holiday home through the winter

Let BHE’s Experts Protect Your Holiday Home This Winter

Caring for your South Lakes holiday home during winter months

At BHE our trusted gas heating, plumbing and electrical engineers have the knowledge and experience to protect your property, taking care of all aspects of holiday home maintenance both before and after the season.

At the end of the season our team will prepare your holiday home for the winter, with services that prevent frost damage, corrosion, leaks and bursts and protect your valuable investment.

Professional holiday home gas and plumbing services

Our team will care for and protect your holiday home with services including:

  • Protection of outside taps
  • Gas safety certification
  • Prevention of frost damage, corrosion, leaks and bursts
  • Central heating anti-freeze top up
  • Electrical checks

We also offer a FREE system test which will check if your central heating anti-freeze levels are low. If you need a top-up, we can supply and install for just £15 per property.

Prepare properly and enjoy your holiday home year after year!

Taking steps to safeguard your plumbing and gas heating systems and appliances before the season is in full swing, and again at its close, makes perfect sense. Not only will it give you peace of mind, you could also be avoiding potential damage or problems that might not be covered by your insurance policy.

A professional service check could save you thousands of pounds in repairs.

Find out more about BHE’s holiday home care services.

Book your holiday home maintenance appointment today by calling 01204 450450 or contact us.

This article was published in November 2017. Please see our website for latest work, pricing & to search for your service.


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