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Don't get left in the cold this winter! 🥶 Boiler repairs with BHE, Bolton

11 Nov 2021

Don't get left in the cold this winter! If your boiler's on the blink, book a boiler repair callout with BHE Bolton to get your home up and running again.

Boiler repairs in Bolton with BHE, Bolton to keep your home warm this winter

Boiler repairs in Bolton with BHE, Bolton to keep your home warm this winter

Do you need a boiler repair? Bolton's BHE gets fully-qualified and experienced gas engineers to our customers across Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Leigh, Chorley, Lancaster, Morecambe, Kendal and the South Lakes quickly, fixing common boiler problems and faults to get your home warm, comfortable and safe once again.

If you've had a boiler breakdown, read on for advice from our boiler repair engineers in Bolton and book your boiler repair with BHE today!

Important: Never try to repair your boiler yourself, and never take off your boiler's casing. You must be registered with the Gas Safe Register to take off a boiler casing.

Book your boiler repair now with BHE!

Common boiler problems found by our boiler repair team in Bolton

If you're asking yourself 'does my boiler need a boiler repair?', these are some common boiler problems and faults BHE's team deals with:

❌ No heating or hot water, or unreliable heating or hot water supply

If you have hot water but no heating, your combi boiler may be set incorrectly and you'll need to set it to heat both water and provide central heating. This can often happen after summer, when you use hot water but don't need the central heating. It's also worth checking the times that your boiler's set to come on, and bleed your radiators to release any trapped air.

No hot water or heating at all? You'll need a boiler repair. Your boiler could be disconnected from power, gas or water supplies, your boiler's pressure may need to be checked or your may have issues such as a frozen condensate pipe or airlock.

Book your boiler repair now with BHE!

❌ Low boiler pressure

Low pressure in a boiler will result in poor hot water supply and no heating in your radiators. Low boiler pressure might be caused by bleeding radiators or by a leak in the system which reduces the amount of water running through your central heating. Some homeowners choose to repressurise their boiler themselves by opening the boiler filling loop which lets more water into the system.

Just contact BHE's boiler repair engineer team for advice if you suspect your boiler's pressure is low, or book a boiler repair callout for a fast response.

Book your boiler repair now with BHE!

❌ Leaking boiler

A leaking boiler can be a cause for concern, leading to many boiler repair callouts. We tend to find that leaking boilers are caused by too much boiler pressure, corroded components such as pipes, faulty parts or leaking seals. Leaks in a boiler often cause other issues such as corrosion, water damage or failure of electrical and other boiler components, and leaking boilers should be repaired quickly.

If you've found a leak in your boiler, contact our boiler repair team for a fast response callout. Book your boiler repair callout now!

Book your boiler repair now with BHE!

❌ Boiler pilot light keeps going out

Pilot lights are often a problem in older boiler models - newer boiler models don't have pilot lights. A pilot light needs to be lit continually in order to light the main boiler burner, but occasionally components such as the thermocouple fail which causes the pilot light to go out.

Firstly, check that other gas appliances such as your gas hob or fire are still working to make sure that there are no gas supply problems. If they're fully-functioning, call BHE to book a boiler repair callout where we can investigate further to indentfy faulty parts.

Book your boiler repair now with BHE!

❌ Unusual noises, like whistling, gurgling, banging or whooshing

If your boiler's making an unusual sound, it can signal a number of issues such as trapped air in your central heating system, pressure that's too high, or blocked air intake pipes or air filters. Whistling sounds, like a kettle, are an indication of 'boiler kettling' where water is heating too quickly to boiling point which results in steam and trapped air. Boiler kettling is often a sign of limescale build-up or a faulty component.

Regular boiler servicing will clean and maintain your system, but if you're suddenly experiencing unusual noises, book a boiler repair callout to have the system checked and fully investigated.

Book your boiler repair now with BHE!

How much does a boiler repair in Bolton cost with BHE?

Boiler repair callouts with our Bolton-based boiler repair engineers start from £59. If parts and additional labour is required, we'll quote separately for this.

How quickly can BHE get to me for a boiler repair in Bolton?

BHE's large engineer team working throughout Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Leigh, Chorley, Lancaster, Morecambe, Kendal and South Lakes will be with you quickly. We're based in Bolton and have engineers operating daily throughout the North West, meaning we can get to you for your boiler repair promptly, backed by all the skills and equipment you need for a lasting boiler repair.

Book your boiler repair with BHE, Bolton!

Need to book a boiler repair? Call 01204 450450 or book your boiler repair now with BHE!


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