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Fuel cost crisis: 5 tips to improve your home's energy efficiency

15 Feb 2022

You won't have missed the recent news that energy costs for households across the UK are set to increase substantially from April 2022. How can BHE help your household to stay energy-efficient?

Fuel cost crisis: 5 tips to improve your home's energy efficiency with BHE, Bolton

Fuel cost crisis: 5 tips to improve your home's energy efficiency with BHE, Bolton

With 2022's energy price increases difficult to avoid, the advice from the Energy Saving Trust is to take some proactive steps to improve your home's energy efficiency, taking greater control of your energy consumption and making small changes wherever possible.

BHE's Bolton gas and heating engineer team has put together our 5 top tips for energy efficiency:

✔ Make sure your boiler is regularly serviced & repaired

Not only is an annual gas boiler service essential to stay gas safe and to validate your warranty, but routine checks for leaks and faults will help your appliance to run more efficiently by eliminating fuel wastage. 

Thorough cleaning and testing of all parts and your boiler's flue will identify any potential issues, remove corrosion or build-up of dirt and contaminants, resulting in less wastage of energy and ultimately costing you less to heat your home.

✔ Install a Hive smart thermostat

Smart controls such as Hive help you to stay in control of your home's heating, creating a more energy-efficient and cost-effective central heating system. Working with your existing central heating system, or with a new boiler, Hive allows you to control your heating and hot water from your phone or using your voice wherever you are via a simple app.

Turn heating on when you need it or turn it off when you're out, avoiding the need to heat an empty home and keeping your energy usage under control.

How much could you save? Hive estimates that homeowners could save up to £110 a year with smart controls. 

Install a Hive thermostat with a new, energy-efficient boiler model for optimum heating efficiency and reliability!

✔ Set your room thermostat & timer

Make sure you're not using more fuel than you need to by setting your room thermostat and making sure you know how it works.

Set your thermostat to the lowest temperature you're comfortable with. It will turn on your heating until the room reaches your set temperature and then turns off, only coming on again when the temperature drops below your set level. The Energy Saving Trust recommends temperatures between 18-21 degrees C.

You don't need to turn the thermostat up during cold weather or to heat a room more quickly - your temperature will remain constant no matter the weather outside, and your room won't heat up more quickly by turning the thermostat up. Don't forget to set your timer too, allowing you to control when your heating comes on and goes off so you're not heating an empty home or turning on central heating when you don't need it.

Did you know? By turning your thermostat down by 1 degree, you could save up to £55!

✔ Use thermostatic radiator valves

You can control the temperature of individual radiators with thermostatic radiator valves, turning heating down in rooms which aren't used as often.

Valves include a sensor which measures the air temperature of a room. If the room temperature is lower than the valve setting, the valve opens to increase the hot water volume flowing into the radiator, warming it up. If the room temperature is higher than the valve setting, the valve closes slightly to decrease the hot water volume.

As with your room thermostat, aim to keep your thermostatic radiator valves on the lowest comfortable setting to save energy usage and avoid waste.

✔ Book a central heating powerflush

Central heating powerflushing removes dirt, rust, debris and other build-up from your central heating system, helping to prevent corrosion and blockages, and increasing the efficiency of your boiler and heating.

By circulating chemicals through your central heating system, including pipework, radiators and boiler, at pressure, a powerflush cleanses the system to remove deposits and allow a better flow of water, resulting in many benefits including:

  • Better energy efficiency and less waste
  • Reduced risk of a boiler breakdown
  • Helps your system to last longer
  • Greater reliability and consistent heating
  • Rooms are heated more quickly

BHE's gas & central heating services to help you stay energy efficient

BHE is Bolton's complete gas, central heating and plumbing expert, serving Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Lancaster, Morecambe and the South Lakes (and everywhere in between!). Our engineer team helps homeowners run energy-efficient, gas safe and warm homes with services including:

  • New boiler installation, installing modern, energy-efficient boiler models which can save you £££s
  • Boiler servicing and repairs, identifying issues, preventing breakdowns and dealing with leaks or energy wastage quickly
  • Installation and set up of Hive smart thermostat controls
  • Central heating installation and refurbishment
  • Installation and replacement radiators and valves
  • Central heating powerflushing
  • Installation and set up of new room thermostats and controls

Gas boiler, heating & plumbing services by BHE in Bolton, Bury, Wigan & beyond

For over 50 years, BHE has been a trusted name for gas boiler services, boiler installation, boiler repairs, heating and plumbing services in Bolton, Bury, Wigan and the wider North West. Now expanded into Chorley, Lancaster, Morecambe, Kendal, Ambleside and the South Lakes, our family team has gas safety at its heart, promoting the value of a professional gas boiler service, new gas boiler installation and other services that maximise your home's heating.

Our local engineer team is fully Gas Safe Registered for reassurance you're receiving a professional gas boiler installation and Hive installation service. Our family-led Bolton Head Office is helpful, friendly and fast to respond - no call centres or long delays! With regular training and years' of experience at our fingertips, BHE is there when you need us.

Book an appointment with BHE today!

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